Technology Planning

Technology Planning

Tech Planning 4 Your Mission

  • WebJunction links to features of technology planning, including basic practices for inventory management (1) defining the library mission and vision, (2) creating goals and objectives, and (3) budgeting expenses. How to help lead your library into the future through effective planning.

  • Checklist for a Library Technology Plan

Featured in Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries, by Karen C. Knox


LAN/Network/Equipment Inventory Templates and Samples

  1. Library Equipment Inventory Template  5-column format (Excel)

  2. LAN Inventory Template – Knox original Horizontal format (Excel) of IT Inventory Template, by Karen C. Knox, author of Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries

  3. LAN Inventory Template – Based on Knox Vertical format based on IT Inventory Template, by Karen C. Knox (Excel)

  4. Network Inventory Template – Source:

Posted August 12, 2013

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